Red Deer Substation Upgrades


With the completion of the 400MW Joffre Cogeneration Project, TransAlta had a requirement to upgrade protection and control at several local substations. Westpark Electric was hired on a time and materials basis to complete these works.

The major portions of the work consisted of removing antiquated 138kV air blast circuit breakers from station line ups and replacing them with modern SF6 breakers. These replacements were done while the substations were energized, in very constrained work areas. Also, some of the old air blast breakers were refurbished and re-installed at other stations.

Westpark also worked in the old Joffre substation to facilitate the interconnection of the new station built earlier in the year.

Other works included protection upgrades to large transformers, with both internal and slip on current transformers added during very short outages.

All these works were completed as scheduled and no incidents occurred.

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